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Magic Oxygen Featured by Independent Publishing Guild

The Independent Publishing Guild logoWhen we went to the London Book Fair this year, we took a decision to join the Independent Publishing Guild.

It was a relatively expensive investment – it’s always tricky making those decisions when you are in the early days of business – but we are very glad we did.

The IPG helps publishers to do better business and invite them to become part of a real community. It’s a font of knowledge and good advice with benefits, useful social gatherings and the ongoing support we need to get the most out of publishing and to keep our brand growing.

They certainly helped us navigate two particularly tricky situations; one beautifully written manuscript was brought to our attention, written by a gentleman detailing his travels in the late 1800’s and we had to locate his descendants and another came in the form of an enormous collection of images, sketches and scripts found in the garage of a lady who had passed away, who happened to be mother of a world class comedy writer and performer.

Oh what an exotic life we lead!

This week, the IPG have run a little feature on us – how cool are we?

Please click here for a sniff through.

Smiles a Mile Wide,

The Team