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Is Social Media Important for Authors? Ask Anthony

Anthony RavenwoodWe have a prolific writer and talented musician in our stable of amazing authors, Mr Anthony Ravenwood.

He penned The Breathing Wheel, a children’s fantasy fiction book with wonderful illustrations by Stephen Bayliss and it landed on bookshelves at the tail end of last year.

He is now fully immersed writing a soundtrack to accompany his story and will be giving live performances in the not too distant future. If I had to pick a couple of artists to give you a sense of his musical style, I would say Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Alan Parsons; I’m sure you get the idea…

Anyway, this was meant to be about how social media can elevate your status and spread your message but I suspect I may also have piqued your interest for this enigmatic author.

Subscribe to his website at and keep your finger on the pulse of Ant and his antics.

The Breathing Wheel CoverLong before The Breathing Wheel came out, Ant used all the tools in his social media kit to embrace those who loved his stuff. Personal Facebook and Twitter accounts existed and as his musical work began to solidify, he set business pages up for his band too.

The arrival of his new website (made by our sister eco-company, Swan Developments) completed his box of social media essentials.

So what does Ant do and why is it important?

He writes!

He writes about all manner of things to do with his book, his speaking events, his performances, his rehearsal schedules, new songs, recording sessions and more. Ant Ravenwood is a very busy man however and he has minimised the human effort required to spread the word about his work.

Each time he makes a posting on his website, it automatically links to his Facebook and Twitter accounts (a very useful tool in the WordPress toolbox).

One article, several hits = maximum efficiency.

You could have written the best story since one about the arrival of sliced bread and if you are a very lucky writer, you might just get it picked up and elevated into the stratosphere by a handful of readers who encourage the rest of the reading world to buy it.

The greater likelihood is that you’ll have to work at marketing it and a website with bouncy, regular blogposts which feeds other social media, will certainly help get you there.

Happy bloggin’.

The Team