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Our Kindle Fire Draw Winner

Simon West, Phil Hodgson & Tracey West  Kindle Fire DrawA huge thank you to everyone that entered our free draw to win a Kindle Fire!

We had almost 600 entrants and were delighted to squeeze into the Apple FM studio with Phil Hodgson during his Drive Time show yesterday, to pick the winner.

Phil was our independent adjudicator for the draw and with our technical guru Simon, ensured the random name selector was indeed truly random.

All the entrants details were entered into a spreadsheet with a random number choosing which line was shown as the winner. Each time Phil hit the “recalculate” key on Simon’s computer, a new name was chosen.

Phil Hodgson choosing a card to randomise the drawTracey presented Phil with a pack of shuffled cards and Phil selected the four of clubs, so hit “recalculate” four times to find our winner.

It was Victoria Thurgood from Kent, a passionate comper and lover of books. She’s also set to become a mother again on Christmas Day so perhaps once all the excitement of her day has calmed down and she has a few minutes spare, she might well dip in and have a read!

We hope she has many, many happy hours reading with it, but of course you cannot knock the smell of a proper paperback book; I bet they are working on a scratch and sniff app for that as we speak…

Oh and before I go, on the subject of competitions, just a quick reminder; you’ve got just over a week to enter the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize with your short stories and poems! We’re planting a tree for every single entry and will send you the GPS coordinates for it once the competition has closed.

Get your entry in soon, don’t leave it until the last minute and you could win a nice slice of the £3,000 prize money!

Thank you once again Mr Hodgson for letting us crash your fabulous show and to all our readers and followers, as we’re getting into the Christmas swing, here’s our sustainable festive message for the silly season.

Happy Green Christmas one and all!

The Team