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Our New Titles: Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt

Cover of Blind Cupid by Max BrandtMax Brandt lives in Devon with his wife Janie and started writing more years ago than he cares to remember.

For 25 years he fronted a rock band and pens lyrics occasionally, but  more recently,  has contented himself writing several one-act plays and a full length drama called Dominion which will send shivers up your spine and naturally, we’ll be publishing it soon.

His début title, Blind Cupid was written over ten years and was inspired by his time spent working in the care system with damaged and abused young people.

Blind Cupid is no gentle read. When we were first approached with the manuscript Simon and I discussed child murder and abuse at great length. Did we want to dive into this murky underworld? We don’t want to visually wound our readers and this is heavy material.

However, after meeting Max and reading his chilling manuscript, we felt he handled the subject with reality and sensitivity and crafted it all together with a cunning, murderous plot, much like many of our great crime writers today.

Editor Izzy Robertson comments, ‘This is a dark, disturbing read which highlights the difficult situation that children in care and those that provide that care find themselves in, through no fault of their own. Although the subject matter is distressing, it’s very well handled and the characters are thoroughly engaging.’

Here’s a nibble of the plot…

Nick Sloane has a moral compass that no one understands but him. The last thing he needs is a touchstone that hurls it into confusion.

Simon Nicholson’s job at Freeways children’s home is tough, fighting on the front line of child abuse cases and coping with the fallout from neglect. The last thing he needs is one of his youngsters disappearing.

DCI Montgomery Flute has dark memories that are interfering with his work. It’s almost a year to the day that his life-partner, Tom, committed suicide and the last thing he needs is a complex murder enquiry throwing fuel onto a fire that’s already burning him up.

The discovery of a tortured body in an isolated spot turns out to be an ex-resident of Freeways. The dark secrets from all their pasts are being skilfully woven together by a calculating killer. It’s the very last thing anyone needs; especially the children.

Full cover for Blind Cupid by Max Brandt
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Place your pre-orders for Blind Cupid by dropping us a line to secure a guaranteed, signed, first edition with a personal dedication from our Max. It will be available in paperback and e-book from early February 2015 and Max will be launching it with a personal appearance at the Lyme Literary Festival.

We’ll report back soon with details of his brand new website, which will set a deeply dark tone for a deeply dark author (you wait until we tell you about Dominion too – phew!)

Coincidentally, you might like to know that enigmatic Max has three daughters, no pets, a plant called Columbina and thinks that shepherd’s pie is the food of the Gods.

Observationally yours,

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