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Our New Titles: A Rising Tide of Secrets, by Tracey West

Cover of The Rising Tide of Secrets by Tracey West
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We are very proud to release a short story by Tracey West called, A Rising Tide of Secrets.

Bridport and Lyme Regis set the scene with real venues and actual events in the Summer of 2014, the wettest on record in the UK and the pivotal point of change for Finola Neal and Euan Breckenridge.

Their hearts have been put pulled through the mill in different ways and their troubled souls are about to connect like lightning bolts to the ground in a turbulent tale of death, hope and possibility.

Tracey West is one of the founding partners of Magic Oxygen and she entered the world of publishing with The Book of Rubbish Ideas back in 2008.

It sold out completely and was re-created as an e-book by Simon West in 2012 which marked the accidental birth of Magic Oxygen.

She went on to write The Poetry of Divorce, The Diary of Divorce, she edited and illustrated 365 Silly Jokes for Kids and will be completing her self-help trilogy with 160 Divorce Coping Tips in early 2015 – all available from our shop and from your local book seller.

These non-fiction titles were great fun to write but she has always had a burning ambition to pen fiction too.

Deadhead the Roses is her first full length novel and will be available in 2015. It’s a tale of crime and contorted passion and is set in some rather iconic places in beautiful Dorset.

A Rising Tide of Secrets is in our shop and available to download instantly to your reading device for just £1.00.


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