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New Website for Children's Author Sue Hampton

Screenshot for Sue Hampton's new websiteWhen we contract a new author, we don’t just get to work on covers, editing, proofreading and the like, we take a far wider view.

If a book is fabulous, that’s great news, but if nobody has ever heard of the author it’s going to be a bit of an uphill struggle taking their wares to market.

An  attractive and efficient website that puts the user journey at the heart of its functionality is key to helping us and the author bang the drum about their books.

We’ve just launched an absolute cracker for children’s author Sue Hampton, designed and created by techno-genius and editor, Simon West, who also heads our sister company that provides ethical web services, Swan Developments.

Hop on over to when you have a moment and take a look around and if you want to cut straight to the chase and see what we’re publishing for Sue, click right here for details!

Beamily yours,

The Team