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We're Firming Up the Judges

Lady JoggingWhich doesn’t mean we’re putting them through their paces in the gym!

We’re dotting i’s, crossing t’s and putting the schedule in place for the judging to commence on the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

I cannot describe the levels of elation that thumped through the office today. I spent most of it either speaking to, or emailing our fabulously diverse line up of judges and confess to being quite emotionally overwhelmed by all that transpired.

The supportive words that have wafted our way over the past few weeks about our Word Forest, particularly since the competition finished on Sunday, have been reassuring and restorative and I know I’ll need a good supply of absorbent tissues to get me through the weeks ahead.

So, who has the unenviable task of deciding which short stories or poems are going to make it onto the shortlist?

Well, as soon as I’ve received their recent mugshots, I’ll let you know, but here are a few clues in the meantime:-


…that’s all folks.


The Team