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Meet Our New Authors 14th February: book launch day

Tracey and Simon West of Magic Oxygen PublishingOn Saturday 14th February we’ll be launching 8 brand new titles from some very well respected and talented new authors too.

The launch pad for our fabulous new reads will be The Hub on Church Street in Lyme Regis (just up from the Marine Theatre) and will take place between 11am and 1pm – if it’s super-busy, we’ll extend that through to 2pm.

The authors (see below) will all be there and be delighted to chat to you about one of their favourite topics, creative writing!

They’ll also be available to sign copies of their new books too – these titles are so hot off the press, they aren’t even in the bookshops yet!

We will also be announcing the winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and you’ll be able to hear a few readings from the anthology which contains 10 poems and 10 short stories, representing the shortlist and winners from this year’s competition.

As we received entries from 31 countries, there may be a need to link up with some of them via Skype. This will take place at midday – please don’t miss it, we have some incredible pieces to share with you.

Elaine and Simon Wallace from Coolio, our kind sponsors for the literary prize, will be there to issue the £3,000 in prize money. Coolio is a crowdsourced map of cool and is launching soon.

Now, onto our talented authors.

Click the splash to expand it and take a look at what we’ve got lined up!

Max Brandt, author of Blind Cupid

Thriller, horror, crime, suspense, gritty, adult theme

Covers for Continental With Juice by James Dunford Wood

Ruritanian romance, satire, comedy, political, adult theme


Covers for The Dreamer by Sue Hampton

Adventure, fantasy fiction, young adult/adult crossover

Cover for The Pick-Up Artist by Chris Hill

Comedy, romance, colourful, lad lit, adult theme

Covers of Dreaming the Moon by Izzy Robertson

Adventure, fantasy fiction, young adult/adult crossover

Covers for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong

Adventure, magic, fantasy fiction, comedy, romance

Cover of Off Her Facebook! Graphic Novel by Rob B Windsor

Graphic novel, alcohol, addiction, family, teaching resource, adult issues

Covers for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2014-5

10 poems, 10 short stories, shortlist and winners for MOLP 2014/5, some adult content

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