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The Empire of Evil, a magical mystery by Gordon Strong

Poster for The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong

Gordon is a prolific writer on magic, legend and Arthurian tales.

Visit Gordon’s website for further details of his back catalogue, – by the way, he has a new dark and mysterious website coming soon.

Here’s a nibble of this enigmatic, mystical plot:

Magic is a paradox, one that can never be fully resolved. Within other worlds are mysteries beyond the imagination. It is within these extraordinary realms that our psychic investigator willingly explores. Standley-Strange, the arch magus, scholar and man-of-the-world is saved from becoming an eternal recluse by the vivacious Cyndi.

Fleeing to England from a dangerous darkness in America she has sought shelter, her intuition guiding her unerringly to the very door of Standley-Strange! They speedily become magical allies and Standley-Strange later initiates his willing pupil into the Mysteries.

Called to the aid of Debroneth, a Medieval province, inexplicably manifested in another dimension, the magus vows to protect its people from the ravages of the Evil Empire. Standley-Strange must also face his own challenges when he confronts the Emperor Tortius and Bredon Shaft, his vicious Chief Inquisitor.

Treachery, tyranny and a ruthless desire for power are the hallmarks of the Empire.

Gordon will be appearing at the Lyme Literary Festival to launch his latest title, further details will be posted here and on his website.

Pre-order your copy of The Empire of Evil by Gordon Strong from our shop and get it on the day of release; it’s his last planned title in this genre!

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