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Off Her Facebook! by Rob B Windsor, illustrated by Jo Stroud

Poster for Off Her Facebook, by Rob Windsor

Rob works at one of the country’s leading residential centres for the treatment of addiction and since 2006, he has written a number of prize winning short plays.

As creative director with his company, Facing Tides Theatre, he wrote a linked trilogy of powerful dramas that focused on various types of addiction, with alcoholism running through them all. Off Her Facebook! kicked off the incredible trilogy.

They have been staged in theatres and educational establishments, along with post-performance outreach workshops.

Here’s a nibble of the sobering plot of Off Her Facebook!

This unflinching and moving drama explores the effects on a family as they try to cope with the father’s descent into alcoholism.

Younger sibling Tim retreats further and further, while his older sister Laura reacts in the opposite way, staying out until all hours binge drinking with her friend Suzie.

When mum, Kate, finally confronts dad, Ed, about his drinking problem, relationships between them all begin to crumble severely, culminating in a shocking row that changes everything.

Ed begins to address his issues and comes to a mutually supportive agreement with Laura as they tackle their demons together. However, he gives in to his craving one night and can’t be there when Laura desperately needs him; the consequences rock the entire family to the core.

Can Ed ever earn Laura’s forgiveness and can he ever forgive himself?

Rob will be appearing at the Lyme Literary Festival to launch his latest title, further details will be posted here and on his website.

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