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Magic & Legend Author, Gordon Strong, Launches New Website

Gordon Strong's new websiteGordon Strong is probably sitting on a hand-carved, dark wooden throne with plumptious purple velvet upholstery held in with burnished copper tacks.

He’s tapping the arms of his magnificent chair with both sets of fingers…very slowly…and he’s wearing a gentle wry smile, the corners of his mouth raised a mere fragment, indicating  mild but sure contentment.

He’s waiting.


The literary lord of myth, magic and Arthurian legend wants to entertain you with The Empire of Evil, his new book, out at the beginning of February.

He wants to tease you with cosmic crystal fragments of the story, which will chill and entertain you in equal measure.

Hop onto his fabulous new website, have a look around and be sure to place your pre-order here before you go.

He’s watching and he’s waiting.

Go on, you know you should…just in case.

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