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Our New Titles: The Pick-Up Artist, by Chris Hill

Front Cover of The Pick-Up Artist by Chris HillChris Hill is an accomplished author with a Bridport Prize winning feather in his cap too.

We are very proud to be publishing his forthcoming title, The Pick-Up Artist during the Lyme Literary Festival in early February 2015.

He was born on Walney Island off the coast of Cumbria in the North of England and now lives in Gloucester with his wife, their two teenage sons and Murphy, a Cockerpoo.

He works as a PR officer for UK children’s charity WellChild and spent more than 20 years as a crime reporter and editor of regional newspapers. His vocational knowledge strongly influenced the plotline of The Pick-Up Artist which is based in the office of a local paper.

This year, Chris was also one of the judges of the coveted Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

Here’s a nibble of the plot…

Rob Thompson, a 22 year old advertising executive is excruciatingly shy and supremely unsuccessful at dating. In a desperate attempt to find a girlfriend, his best friend Sam advises him to seek the advice of a web community called The Pick-Up Artists, who use psychological techniques to help their members appeal to the opposite sex.

Follow Rob’s exploits in this colourful romantic comedy as he attempts to apply his newly learned techniques at an after work event and succeeds in getting a date, but it all ends in disaster.

As his confidence grows the plot thickens and he flirts with another colleague, then finds himself attracted to the advertising director as well, who is clearly out of his league.

Rob attempts to juggle all three women through a variety of challenging situations including an office football game, the local pub, a seemingly harmless barbecue and a near fatal attempt at DIY as he battles to weave PUA advice into his chaotic social life.

It’s a world where women are far more complex and sophisticated than he could ever be. Will Rob make the grade, or crash, burn and fade?

The Pick-Up Artist is a colourful comedy for the digital age with a modern twist on the quest for love.

Full Cover for The Pick-Up Artist by Chris HillChris is a social media addict with more than 21,000 followers on Twitter @ChilledCh and has a popular blog where he engages his audience on topics such as reading, the craft of writing and more.

The Pick-Up Artist will be available from 5th February and will be launched with a personal appearance from Chris at the Lyme Literary Festival.

Pre-orders are available now from our shop.

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