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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Winners 2015

Our winners are:

Short Story Award

1st Place Blurred Edges by Michelle Wright (Australia)

2nd Place Weapon Of God by Casey Tonkin (Australia)

3rd Place Tears In Hailar by James de Beresford (England)

Highly Commended 2 Looking For Joey by Fred Canavan (England)

Highly Commended 1 Waking by Teresa Stenson (England)

Poetry Award

1st Place Step-Mother by Catherine Rolfe (England)

2nd Place The World Stands Still To Weep Sarah Wallis (England)

3rd Place The Loneliness Of The Drunk Mathematician Heather Combe (England)

Highly Commended 2 Woman by Hannah Cooper-Smithson (England)

Highly Commended 1 Modern by Eleonore Schönmaier (Netherlands)


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