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Talking Websites & Death With Author Max Brandt

Simon West & author Max BrandtExeter Central Library was the meeting place today for our tech guru Simon and our fabulous crime author, Max Brandt. Simon was doing a spot of WordPress training and handing over the reins of Max’s new website, which launches later this week.

In between tech-talk and aside from discussing his new title that launched on 14th February, Blind Cupid, they also chatted about one of his other passions, the theatre. Right now, Max is fully immersed in rehearsals for his performance of Fagin in Oliver with the Kingsbridge Amateur Theatre Company – details will be revealed in a post by him very soon!

Max has been treading the boards in various guises for a decade and has written and produced his own play, Dominion, which we have the pleasure of publishing in May.

Dominion unfolds a heart rending story of a lady slowly slipping away to cancer and her complex yet seemingly simple plight to find a new partner for her husband. As you can imagine, it is emotionally charged and gripping from the opening of Act One…tissues are highly recommended.

To find out more about Max, his book, his play and performances, hop onto his new website later this week and subscribe to his lyrical adventures.

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