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Chris Hill: The Pick-Up Artist – Five 5* Reviews on Amazon

Front Cover of The Pick-Up Artist by Chris HillWe are delighted to share the news that Chris Hill’s latest book with us, The Pick-Up Artist, is reeling in fabulous five star reviews.

Here’s the latest:

Hilarious Comic Romp in the World of Journalism

By Rani Shergill on 9 Mar. 2015

This is the second book I have read by Chris Hill and it is an unputdownable page turner.

The story itself without giving too much away is about a journalist who has issues with making himself appear attractive and interesting to the opposite sex and so he resorts to a website called PUA for dating tips. What results is quite a comical romp into the world of dating for Rob, a junior employee in his firm.

Many of the characters did make me laugh in particular Crazy Al, Rob himself was a bit of a plonker but saying that in a nice way. Many of the women in his office scared me never mind Rob. Loved the twist at the end ! I actually kept wondering after that last chapter whether I had missed some vital clues about it earlier in the book.

My daughter asked me what a pick up artist was after reading the title. I naturally felt I had to divert that conversation away else I could have been explaining that one all night. 🙂

This book proves what a versatile writer the author is in that he can write prize winning literary fiction and now a hilarious comic novel with such ease and so well. I thoroughly recommend this book to all readers and for us women reading about dating from a man’s perspective is a bit of an eye opener.

Click here to read the others and to order a copy, why not pop along to your local bookshop or visit your favourite online retailer. Alternatively, order it from us and get a fabulously free Pick-Up Artist bookmark too.

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