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Camp NanoWriMo Day 2

Another day, another 1,000 words. My target for Camp NanoWriMo is 60,000 in the sure and certain knowledge that I will need to edit down from that.

Just like whittling sticks, if you start off small and then whittle or edit you end up with something not a lot of use. My aim is to get to the end of the story I want to tell, and my best estimate is that to get there will take me up to the 60,000 word point. When edited that should leave me with more than 50,000 which is my number to qualify as a novel.

If I can do 1,000 a day I will get to 60,000 with three days to spare. I don’t want to get into deficit on that though, so one day soon I might have more than my obligatory hour and try to move the story on a big chunk, and so up the count by a few thousand.

Oh, and that’s my Yak, by the way (said in a Forrest Gump type voice)

More tomorrow.