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Into my stride

To continue the analogy of re-starting my writing being like getting out of the chair and taking a stroll, this evening I feel like I am now well into my stride. I have purpose, I have enthusiasm, and I have a plan.

There is no tape at the end of the track yet, no-one to compete against, no stopwatch in the hand of a personal trainer, tut-tutting that I have taken longer on this lap than the last. There is nothing except the sound of my own feet hitting the tarmac, or to come back from the analogy, my fingers hitting the keys. Rhythmic, almost musical and ultimately cathartic as the story that is in my head pours out onto the page.

Tonight has been one of two distinct parts. I wrote a new first chapter, adjusted some details in what has now become chapter three to fit in with this new start to the story, and then tackled a most difficult scene. I don’t wish to give anything away about the plot, but writing this last part was a real emotional roller-coaster.

So, tonight was a great one for me, I have upped my word-count to slightly above 39,000 and mostly completed the last-but-one chapter. I have several earlier chapters to fill in, which will need another few thousand words, then I will need to audit the whole story and start editing.

The most important part of tonight’s writing (and that of the past couple of weeks) is that whilst I can’t see the finishing line yet, I know it’s there, and every time my foot/finger lands on the pavement/keyboard I am one tiny step closer to it.

Now, where’s that water station?


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  1. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to ask about the plot and your storyline, but I so want to swallow this story fresh and whole!


    Go for it Simon, I’m really proud of you.


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