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Out of the chair

I wonder if the few people who read this are rather fed up with me saying “I’m going to get on and write my book!” and then not doing it. If you are amongst that number I make no apology, because in my experience there are thousands upon thousands of would-be-authors who have written less than a full novel, and most of them haven’t ever picked up a pen or created a file with the start of a book. I am no different.

My story has been burning a hole in my head for many, many years and a couple of years ago I took the 6,000 words that had existed for around fifteen years and bumped that total up to 32,000. I knew where the story needed to go, knew the major plot points and was steaming along… then came what I simply refer to as “other stuff”. You know how it goes, you simply lose the thread and it is the devil’s own job to pick it up again.

I think it’s a bit like being someone who goes for walks every day for a while, then the weather turns cold and wet and you don’t feel like venturing outdoors, not today, anyway. Or tomorrow… and anyway there’s all this stuff I have to do today… I’ll go out again when it stops raining… when the wind isn’t blowing so hard… some day.

So no more excuses but also no beating myself up for what I haven’t done. Just the next attempt to get out of the chair and open the front door and take a stroll. Last evening almost 1,000 new words tumbled from my fingertips into the document that is my novel. It felt great at the end of the day to say, (mostly to myself) “I made some progress.”

I recently had the opportunity to explain the story to a friend, who picked up on some bits that they would find unsatisfying. This has meant that whilst the story is still the same, the plotlines have strengthened and some unexplained motives will be made understandable. (I always wonder why in horror movies the victim opens the door when everyone is thinking “DON’T OPEN IT!”)

So for that tiny band of people who have shown interest in my story, it may, just may, one day in the not-too-distant future be ready for it’s first edit.

Humbly, Simon.

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  1. It was wonderful to sit with you yesterday while you were tapping away at the keys!

    I’m incredibly excited about the unveiling of Anvarin Simon…keep at it!


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