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Second Time Arounders

We’re 2nd time arounders,
We don’t need lots of things,
‘cept friends and family here to watch,
As we swap vows and rings.

We’re 2nd time arounders so,
We know a thing or two,
Like how to cap the toothpaste,
Put the seat down on the loo!

We know we’re not spring chickens,
With our feathers sleek and shiny,
Our eyesight’s getting worse each day,
(Why do they print so tiny?)

Our joints all creak, our knees are shot,
We’re rubbish when we run,
But we know how to sit and cuddle,
And watch the rising sun.

We’re 2nd time arounders and,
Our kids are nearly grown,
In just a few more years we know,
The nest they will have flown.

We’re 2nd time arounders,
And we thank the stars above,
And know we’ll make the best we can,
Of this 2nd chance at love.