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There's (Naked) Literary Magic on the Horizon

John Suchet from Classic FMThere I was, going quietly about my business, when John Suchet from Classic FM mentioned it was just six weeks to Christmas!

Where on earth did September and October go?

Well, The Team were squirrelled away for most of it preparing a few new titles for market which we’ll tell you about shortly and on a personal note, the Editor in Chief Simon West and I pressed the pause button to visit family during half-term.

It was a truly memorable break and over far too quickly.

The Casual Vacancy by J K RowlingI did have good literary intentions of reading The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling during our holiday – as it turns out, all I did was make a good plan to write a new book myself!

Crucial research into Great Reasons to Have a Naked Office Day is being conducted as we speak.  Incidentally, if you indulge working in a de-robed state and are interested in helping us lay the topic bare, please drop us a line. With great mystery and intrigue, I’ll sign off with an, ‘All will be revealed soon’…

Ahh, but before I go, I must proffer a short reminder that you have until the end of December to enter your short stories and poems to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize. It remains the only writing competition in the world to plant a tree for every entry and pays out a very impressive £3,000 in prize money too.

More soon!

The Team