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(Otherwise known as 01010111011000010110100101110100)

I wait for my computer as electrons flit and fly
I watch the little hourglass as the minutes tick on by
I only clicked an icon so some music would be played
But now it’s doing updates for an hour or a day

I wonder what it’s doing as the progress bar progresses
I thought a little music would eliminate my stresses
But here I stand just waiting for this thing to take it’s time
It’s precious but my PC doesn’t care it’s wasting mine

It says it is downloading and it’s eight percent complete
I count the seconds slowly whilst I shuffle on my feet
Now nine has ticked on by and with a little estimation
I think the music starting will be when I get my pension

Oh wait! It jumped ahead. Good grief it sits at ninety-five
The instruments will probably play whilst I’m still alive
I hold my breath, I broadly smile with tuned anticipation
That’s it, the bar is full so here comes all that syncopation

But the hourglass keeps turning and the sand stays in the top
I hold my smile for minutes knowing soon this pain must stop
The screen goes bright, the timer’s gone, the speakers are off mute
Then up it pops. A dialogue. Your PC must reboot!

(Find an ASCII table for the title)