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Anti-fracking Hunger Striker: needs your signature & support

Gayzer Frackman Anti-Fracking Petition on 38%We urgently need your help.

Click here to go straight to our 38° petition to get David Cameron to go and talk to Gayzer Frackman. He’s a passionate advocate for anti-fracking, currently on his 12th day of hunger strike outside Downing Street and he simply wants to talk to David Cameron.

On Monday 23rd November, Gayzer Frackman, sited himself in the official Protest Pen opposite No 10 Downing Street and started a hunger strike – today (Friday 4th December) is his 12th day without food.

His request is very simple; he wants to speak to David Cameron to present him with scientific evidence and to show him the social opposition to fracking, particularly from Lancashire where he lives, but he also acts as a passionate green voice for many people in the UK who feel the same way.

He isn’t a scientist, or a powerful politician or celebrity; he is a regular everyday person, just like us, who believes fracking is a very bad idea and he needs our help.

He wants to show Mr Cameron the exponential growth of support from regular everyday folks who don’t have a voice on the telly, the radio or in the papers, but who want our government to deliver renewable, sustainable, safe options to power our country.

Gayzer is a peaceful, passionate advocate for anti-fracking. He is very well versed on the topic, he is articulate, educated and I don’t believe he has any other agenda.

He has no PR or media team, no flashy YouTube channel or blog page to help raise his profile. However, one look at his Google + page will show you he’s been making informative videos about anti-fracking since 2013!

If you are opposed to fracking, please click here and sign our 38% petition and share it on your social media and show support for this man; he is your next-door neighbour, he is the voice in the supermarket queue, he is the one who is putting everything on the line to protect the future of all of our children.

…and he just wants to talk…

If you’d like more information about what he hopes to achieve, take a couple of minutes to watch a couple of his video updates below.

Let’s make some positive noise for this peaceful anti-fracking protester and hope Mr Cameron invites him in for some dialogue very soon.

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