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I know this isn’t popular, but I’ll say it just the same
Dropping bombs in Syria? #NOTINMYNAME
I know that there are terrorists who would set the world aflame
But bombs will not defeat them #NOTINMYNAME

Their government are criminals, it’s them that you should blame
But we’re the ones who are dropping bombs #NOTINMYNAME
Our weapons are sophisticated but however well we aim
Civilians will be killed as well #NOTINMYNAME

Their weapons come from someone else our leaders always claim
But somehow they still sell their oil #NOTINMYNAME
No matter who we bomb or kill we won’t win this war game
We need to talk, not drop more bombs #NOTINMYNAME

2 thoughts on “#NOTINMYNAME

  1. I love this piece but it leaves me with shivers.

    Well penned my love,


  2. Not in MY name either. I feel a peaceful revolution coming on 😀

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