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Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016: the judges

The MOLP 2016 judgesWe are absolutely delighted to reveal the judgemental line up for MOLP 2016!

If you were involved in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize last year, you’ll probably recognise a few familiar faces but we have also been very fortunate to welcome a handful of new literary lovers to our esteemed team too.

The process for judging the entries this year was incredibly challenging for one of the hard-working MOLP founders, our resident super-geek, Simon West.

He was set the nigh on impossible task of writing a bespoke piece of software that would allow our remote appraisers to record their scores in a comfortable and efficient way, that was also enjoyable to use as an interface.

He surpassed himself – thank you Simon.

All in all, the judging team took to the system, like turtles to the ocean and we only had a handful of late night phone calls and texts about forgotten passwords (we all do it)…

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Co-Founder Simon WestSimon did an absolutely magnificent job creating the MOLP Marking Machine and there weren’t many technical glitches either, just efficiency tweaks really; scoring MOLP3 will be a breeze in 2017 and this incredible digital asset will allow us to welcome even more international judges.

As for the judges, they were absolutely outstanding! They had a marathon task this year filtering, marking, then putting the shortlist into its final order. We cannot thank them enough but know the trees we will be planting for them is a huge legacy thank you.

Before I close, I’m sure you will undoubtedly be delighted to hear our highly coveted shortlist revealing the talented authors and poets of 10 short stories and 10 poems, will be announced here on Sunday 28th February!

May I suggest you subscribe to our website (see top left of the menu) to be one of the first to know which pieces have made it through the tough filtering process this year.

And finally, if you’d like to come along and join us at the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Awards and Festival of Words, when we announce the winners (amongst other bookish things), please click here to get your free tickets!

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  1. I can’t see any judges’ names. Where will I find them? Thanks

    1. This year’s judges will be revealed shortly after the contest ends. Good luck!

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