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The Mini-MOLPs

Mini-MOLP launch date posterThe Mini-MOLPs are a series of five diverse writing competitions with thought provoking themes inspired by international environmental awareness campaigns.

They were created by the founders of the very eco-friendly Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and just as with MOLP, a tree will be planted for every single entry.

Each writing competition will run for one month, beginning on the 1st April and then consecutively through to the 31st August. Entry is just £3.50 and competitors are encouraged to find creative energy from either of the suggested campaigns in each contest.

The winning authors and poets will have their work showcased in the next MOLP anthology (due spring 2017).

Additionally, they will also win 10 fabulous paperbacks from the Magic Oxygen best sellers list, including a fabulous rib-tickling comedy from Bridport Prize winner, Chris Hill, an epic tale of love and liberation from the much loved author, Sue Hampton and many others.

There will also be a special, unique prize announced at the start of each contest! Further details will be announced in due course, but we hope this is enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Mini-MOLP April 2016: Letter to the Planet – 350 words

Take inspiration from Earth Day or National Gardening Week

Have fun deciding who your letter’s from. What have they got to say for themselves?

Mini-MOLP May 2016: Eco-Flash Fiction – 250 words

Take inspiration from World Biodiversity Day or International Dawn Chorus Day

Conjure up pocket-sized literary magnificence with an uplifting green slant.

Mini-MOLP June 2016: Sonnet for the Solstice – 14 lines

Take inspiration from World Environment Day or World Oceans Day

Wax lyrical with a Shakespearian style sonnet and imagine it performed at the break of day on the solstice.

Mini-MOLP July 2016: Postcard from the Park – 200 words

Take inspiration from National Parks Week or National Tree Day

Pen a postcard-sized piece to anyone or anything, with your arboreal thoughts or stories.

Mini-MOLP August 2016: Last Words Monologue – 400 words

Take inspiration from World Honey Bee Day or World Elephant Day

The film is about to end, the last of a species is about to die. Write the script of their parting words.