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The Winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016

MOLP 2 winners

The winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016We are absolutely thrilled to announce the winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2016!

We are pressing the pause button and enjoying a spot of post-event respite however, in the coming days, we’ll publish our short story and poetry report so you can get a tantalising taster of what the winning pieces are all about.

Don’t forget, if you’d like a copy of our fabulous anthology, it is available to order from your local bookshop and from our shop too and a tree will be planted for every single one bought.

Short Stories

1st – £1,000
John Irving Clarke, England
Into the Driving Rain

2nd – £300
Sandra Crook, England

3rd – £100
Fee Johnstone, Scotland
Drag Hag

Highly Commended – £50
Lynne McVernon, England
ADHD for Beginners
Maris Morton, Australia
Chance Encounter


Natasha Bland, New Zealand
Mum’s Mannequins

Fred Canavan, England
Gone Fishing

Zandra Carrington, Ireland
The Taste of Forgiveness

Suraya Dewing, New Zealand

Hannah Persaud, England
Business as Usual at The Yew Tree


1st – £1,000
Corrinna Toop, England
Firedamp at Felling

2nd – £300
Adele Cordner, Wales
Poetry Lovers

3rd – £100
Theresa Lola
When the Soldier Returns From the War

Highly Commended –  £50
Steve Herbert, New Zealand
Manifesto of the Machines
Lynsey-Ruth Mansfield, England
You Were My Semicolon


Jean Atkin, England
What if We Counted Time in Oaks?

Georgina Caine, England
The Black Chair

Miriam Calleja, Malta
Burying the Dark

Adele Cordner, Wales
Return of the Muse

Angela Croft, England
Slices of Spam

Enormous congratulations are due to everyone that put an entry into the competition. By doing so, they have managed to increase the footprint of the Word Forest to eleven times the size of Wembley Stadium! The new classroom at Kundeni Primary School is well on its way to being finished too.

Details of the Mini-MOLPs and MOLP3 will be relayed in due course!

The Team

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  1. I was looking for the results of the June ‘sonnet’ minimolp?

    1. Hi Karen,

      Delighted to help – click here!

      Hope you’ll be tempted to enter the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize. Click here for the Ts and Cs.

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