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Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for May: Eco-Flash Fiction

Aurora Borealis

The second Mini-MOLP writing contest is now open and we’re as fired up as the Aurora Borealis about receiving your entries!

April’s contest, Letter to the Planet, evoked some rather splendid pieces of work and we will be announcing the winner shortly.

Flash fiction is undoubtedly one of the most challenging genres of creative writing and one where every single word really does count.

Will yours contain the key elements of a story with a convincing protagonist, a splash of conflict, some obstacles or complications and will it conclude with a satisfying resolution?

One thing’s for sure, a powerful storyline wrapped in brevity holds the key to bagging our first prize and only you can decide what’s going to happen.

It is not a pre-requisite but you might like to take inspiration from Earth Day or National Gardening Week.

You have up to 250 words to play with and every single one matters!

Entry is just £3.50 and for every single submission we will plant a tree in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya. We will also send you an electronic certificate with the GPS coordinates of your tree.

Additionally, each Mini-MOLP winner will receive 10 fabulous paperbacks from the Magic Oxygen best sellers list, including a rib-tickling comedy from Bridport Prize winner, Chris Hill, an epic tale of love and liberation from the prolific author, Sue Hampton and many others, with a value of approximately £80.

The winner will also receive a unique prize which will be announced in the final week of each Mini-MOLP. They will include things like:

  • having your name written into one of our forthcoming novels or plays
  • having your winning entry:
    • projected onto a building
    • performed in front of a live audience
    • broadcast on the radio
    • maybe even immortalised on an organic Fairtrade tee-shirt or mug…

All will be revealed in due course.

So, has the right side of that creative brain of yours been suitably stimulated and are you ready to produce a cracking bit of Eco-Flash Fiction?


Click here to get your synapses around the rules, then click here to upload your entry and don’t forget, all the winning entries of the Mini-MOLPs will be featured in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017.

Good luck!

The Team

PS: Thanks for helping make the Word Forest even bigger xx