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Buy Our Latest Title: Sam Rogers’ Happiness Manifesto

The cover of Sam Rogers' Happiness Manifesto

We are delighted to publish what many are deeming, ‘A life-changing read’. It was penned by Sam Rogers who was a vibrant soul in his early 20’s.

He was a dreamer, a philosopher and a literary philanthropist. Fuelled by passion and a driving force to show people there is another way to live, Sam self-published a book called, The Happiness Manifesto.

He used to stand outside banks with a cardboard sign saying things like, ‘Dare to Imagine’ and he gave copies of it away to astonished passers by, trading books for smiles. Dialogue would ensue and they’d end up discussing what really matters in life, as Sam shone new light on their thinking.

In 2014, Sam lost his life in a tragic accident. His father, Tom, wanted to re-publish Sam’s work so it could continue to spread its positive message, as the remaining original copies were distributed to friends and family at his funeral.

Tom is now preparing to set off on a Trek to Malawi to raise awareness and funds for WaterAid, Sam’s favourite charity.

The profits from this book are also going to WaterAid, an act that Magic Oxygen and Tom feel, would make Sam very proud.

The book begins with a heart-rending foreword by Tom and we made a conscious decision not to edit Sam’s words at all. We even let a few grammatical idiosyncrasies go through so you can see the raw energy behind the author’s intention; actually, we think Sam did a pretty remarkable job.

If you’re looking for a life affirming read, you’re one step away from holding it in your hand.

Read our Look In The Book preview and order your copy of this beautifully written paperback.