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Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for June: Sonnet for the Solstice

Stonehenge sunrise

Stonehenge sunriseThe third Mini-MOLP writing contest is now open and the entries are indeed trickling in.

May’s contest, Eco Flash Fiction, proffered some excellent pieces of work and we will be announcing the winner shortly. I must confess, we’ve been a little delayed posting news of our May winner, but there’s been so much going on in the office this month (most of it good) and we’ve struggled to keep up!

Back to the new contest however…

I don’t know about you but I think sonnets are truly beautiful arrangements of words. Bizarrely enough, I penned one fairly recently about an induction cooker and it was such fun to play with the quatrains and couplets. If you have no idea what I’m talking about click here for an easy step-by-step guide on precisely how to craft one and impress your literary loving friends.

Take inspiration from World Environment Day or World Oceans Day and wax lyrical creating your Shakespearian style sonnet, then imagine it performed at the break of day on the solstice.

Entry is just £3.50 and for every single submission we will plant a tree in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya. We will also send you an electronic certificate with the GPS coordinates of your tree.

Additionally, each Mini-MOLP winner will receive 10 fabulous paperbacks from the Magic Oxygen best sellers list, including a rib-tickling comedy from Bridport Prize winner, Chris Hill, an epic tale of love and liberation from the prolific author, Sue Hampton and many others, with a value of approximately £80.

The winner will also have their poem performed at the solstice, at a very well known solstice destination – we’ll reveal the details in due course.

Forsooth, dear scribe, reach for thine preferred writing instrument and commence your entry!

Click here for the rules, then click here to upload your work and don’t forget, all the winning entries of the Mini-MOLPs will be featured in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017.

Good luck!

The Team