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A Great New Title & Workshops too: The Essential Oils Companion For Mindfulness

The Essential Oils Companion for Mindfulness by Heather Godfrey

9781910094020_dOur talented author and essential oil expert, Heather Godfrey, is running a series of workshops in the South West that compliment her book, The Essential Oils Companion For Mindfulness, perfectly.

Heather is presenting a series of three interconnected sessions that describe essential oils from their context within the history of medicine, their development and role within the plant and ultimately, their therapeutic application.

Her calm, knowledgeable approach to the topic make for an incredibly informative and enjoyable day as she presents the delegates with an opportunity to explore the use of essential oils, focusing in particular on their psycho-emotional qualities as aids to mediation and stress reduction. They are splendid companions for everyday life, Heather frequently says and as well as having a memorable day, attendees also receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Workshop Themes:

  • Essential Oils for Mindfulness
  • Essential Oils for Stress Reduction
  • Essential Oils: Blending

If you’re unable to attend her workshops but are a novice user of oils for relaxation and meditation, or someone who keeps hearing the message that they can help soothe your mind and ditch your anxieties, Heather’s book will provide you with the perfect consolation.

Mindfulness is unquestionably a Zeitgeist; that said, it is an ancient practice steeped in Buddhist philosophy. Many of us are on a quest to unlock the secrets as to why ancient civilisations prized oils and aromatherapy so highly and in this book, Heather guides you right through the minefield that is mindfulness.

Heather breaks down complex, mystical terminology into bite sized chunks of digestible information that can help you address a variety of issues that may be troubling you, including stress, a racing mind, loss of mental focus, depression and more besides.

Stunning photography breaks the text up beautifully and her writing strikes a perfect balance between talking technical and showing you precisely how to treat specific ailments.

All in all, this really is a brilliantly researched one-stop guide to chilling out, naturally!

Subscribe to Heather’s website to keep an eye on where her workshops and talks are taking place – incidentally, they book up very quickly – and for news on when her next title in the series will be published.

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