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Featured Author: Sue Hampton

Sue Hampton

Sue HamptonSue Hampton, happy these days to be known as the Bald Green Author, was born in Essex and now lives in Herts with her husband, Leslie Tate.

Inspired by her father Paul, who was a poet, she wrote as a child and has never stopped – even through 19 years of teaching as a working mum. Her first book for children, the historical adventure Spirit and Fire, was published in 07 and described by Michael Morpurgo as “enthralling… powerfully written”. It was the first of 25 and counting. Most titles are for children or teens, like the fantasy adventure The Dreamer, but Sue also has three books for adults, including Flashback & Purple and e-book The Biggest Splash, both from Magic Oxygen. Click “Add to basket” below to buy Sue’s latest title.

Sue is a prolific writer, in high demand in schools as a visiting author for any age, and an Ambassador for Alopecia UK. You may have seen her lead a team of bareheaded ladies to a £29,000 victory for the charity on BBC Eggheads! Click here for some highlights from that programme.

She writes because she’s fascinated by people and loves to make an emotional connection with readers through her vivid characters. Sue also talks about being the living proof of the power of stories, because exploring her alopecia in writing changed her life.

In her blogs she explores reasons to write, and bigger ideas about activism, diversity and individuality. When addressing reading or writers’ groups on the #PurpleTour with Leslie, (#authorsinlove) she shares ways of creating character and explores voice issues – having written from four different perspectives in both her adult novels with Magic Oxygen. Sue is working on various projects for young and older readers, so watch this space.

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