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Enter our Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for July: Postcard From the Park

Poster for Postcard from the Park writing contest from Magic Oxygen

Poster for Postcard from the Park writing contest from Magic OxygenClose your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself lazily stretching out on a soft blanket of warm grass. Mother Nature is kissing your toes and as close as she could ever be; ants and other tiny creatures scurry around silently, plumptious dandelion clocks stretch their heads up above the tips of the grass and circles of daisies wait patiently to be turned into chains.

Now, assuming you have a pen and paper to hand, I suspect you are also ready for our latest writing challenge!

We would be delighted if you could send us a Postcard from the Park.

The rules are very loose and simple, pen a postcard-sized piece of writing to anyone or anything, with your arboreal thoughts or stories. You have up to 200 wonderful words to play with, excluding the recipients name and address.

I can hear your creative grey cells branching out already – OK OK, I confess that was a dreadfully wooden pun…

Take inspiration from National Parks Week or National Tree Day and see what sprouts of genius burst forth!

Entry to all of our Mini-MOLP contests is just £3.50 and for every single submission we will plant a tree in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya. We will also send you an electronic certificate with the GPS coordinates of your tree in due course.

Additionally, each Mini-MOLP winner will receive 10 fabulous paperbacks from the Magic Oxygen best sellers list, including a rib-tickling comedy from Bridport Prize winner, Chris Hill, an epic tale of love and liberation from the prolific author, Sue Hampton and many others, with a value of approximately £80.

Postcards are wonderful to write and receive and we hope you’ll be cluttering up our virtual postbox with tales of your adventures.

Click here for the rules, then click here to upload your work and don’t forget, all the winning entries of the Mini-MOLPs will be featured in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017.

Good luck!

The Team