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Enter our Mini-MOLP Writing Contest for August: Last Words Monologue

Magic Oxygen Writing Contest Last Words Monologue Poster

Magic Oxygen Writing Contest Last Words Monologue PosterIf you have taken part in the Mini-MOLP writing contests we’ve run throughout the spring and summer, I hope you’ll agree the topics we challenged you to write about were deeply thought provoking.

I believe the subject matter of this particular competition, sets the bar in the highest position of all.

We’re looking for a powerful piece of writing that reveals a truly heartfelt story in the Last Words Monologue.

The brief is simple and you have up to 400 words to play with: the film is about to end, the last of a species is about to die. Write the script of their parting words.

The ‘thing’ about to die is your choice, the venue for their imminent demise is your choice, the way they take their final bow is your choice too. Give it all you’ve got! Make every single word count. Who are they talking to? Their captor, their killer, the clan responsible for the deaths of many of their kind.

I think I’m going to need a box of tissues to judge this one!

It is not a pre-requisite but you might like to take inspiration from World Honey Bee Day or World Elephant Day.

Entry to all of our Mini-MOLP contests is just £3.50 and for every single submission we will plant a tree in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya. We will also send you an electronic certificate with the GPS coordinates of your tree in due course.

Additionally, each Mini-MOLP winner will receive 10 fabulous paperbacks from the Magic Oxygen best sellers list, including a rib-tickling comedy from Bridport Prize winner, Chris Hill, an epic tale of love and liberation from the prolific author, Sue Hampton and many others, with a value of approximately £80.

The winner will also receive a unique prize which will be announced towards the end of the Mini-MOLP month.

Click here for the rules, then click here to upload your work and don’t forget, all the winning entries of the Mini-MOLPs will be featured in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017.

Good luck!

The Team