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The Winner of August’s Mini-MOLP Writing Contest

Magic Oxygen Writing Contest Last Words Monologue Poster

chris-lakeman-fraser-and-simonIt’s a pleasure to announce the winner of our Last Words Monologue writing contest, the final one in the Mini-MOLP series.

Chris Lakeman Fraser of Charmouth, England has won 10 of our best selling titles and a little extra something too, a year’s subscription to National Geographic, who reinvest 27% of their proceeds to help fund the conservation and education efforts of the National Geographic Society.

Chris has an extensive track record as a Film Editor working on Natural History, Ethnographic and Arts documentaries for TV in London and New York with BBC, Time Life Films, National Geographic and Channel Four culminating in a Natural History series Fragile Earth and Baka – People of the Rainforest which won a best documentary award at BAFTA. He has also written a screenplay, Ripples, set in France and Algeria which was workshopped at BAFTA and shortlisted for a Sundance Screenwriting Fellowship. In addition, he is in the process of adapting the script into a novel.

As with our slightly grander Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and every other entry to the Mini-MOLP contests, this winning entry has resulted in a tree being planted in our Word Forest in Bore, Kenya. They have also helped fund the building and fitting out of a brand new classroom in Kundeni Primary School in the same community.

Our writing competitions are the only ones in the world where everyone wins!

Chris will have his writing and literary achievements given a well earned springboard on a couple of pages in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017 and will be published for all to enjoy.

Speaking of which, the third Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is now open for entries. Click here for details and get your entry in!

Congratulations Chris on your worthy and rather poignant win and good luck to all who enter #MOLP3!

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