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MOLP 2017 Shortlist Announcement

It is an absolute pleasure to announce the shortlist for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2017.

If your name is not on the list, we hope you’ll not be too disheartened; the competition was fierce again this year and the entrants put our judges through their paces.

The shortlist for stories is:

  • Ali Bacon
  • Jacqueline Bain
  • Anoushka Beazley
  • Mark Brandi
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Sarah Horton
  • Colleen MacMahon
  • Louise McDowell
  • Jennifer Saxton

The shortlist for poems is:

  • Vinita Agrawal
  • Dee Barron
  • Jan Felmingham
  • Harry Gallagher
  • Rachel Plummer
  • Lisa Reily
  • Susan Rogerson
  • Carmel Summers
  • Anthony Watts

You may wonder why there are only nine names on each list… remarkably, in each category, one person has two entries in the shortlist!

The entrants to MOLP are collectively responsible for tonnes and tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants being drawn down from the atmosphere and locked into acres of trees. Furthermore, they’ve built classrooms too!

We will be sending out the certificates for the trees with GPS co-ordinates very soon, once we’ve received confirmation they have been planted.

As in previous years, we will be making a worthy song and dance of things when we reveal the winners and we’re building the announcements around an evening of spoken word entertainment.

Please accept this as your cordial invitation to join us with your friends and family on Saturday 11th March in lovely Lyme Regis for the event – click here for details and to get your FREE tickets!

If you are unable to join us, the event will be live-streamed around the world too. We’ll post details of that nearer the time.

Our typesetting team are working on the new anthology where the entire shortlist will be featured along with the winning entries from the Mini-MOLP competitions which took place last year. Please place your pre-orders here.

All that remains is for us to thank everyone that entered and helped to spread the message on behalf of the people we’re helping in Bore in Keyna. Participation in our contest has resulted in life changing differences for their whole community that will affect generations yet to come.

The joyous call of, “Asante sana” is ringing out for them; it’s thank you in Swahili!

…and finally, please put 1st October 2017 in your diaries – it’s the day we will be opening the doors for entries to MOLP4.

With kind regards and great hopes to meet you soon,

The Team