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Hack Attack!


A long while ago one of my servers got hacked into and several of the websites were attacked. All of their content was replaced by a page saying how clever the hacker was for breaking into the server. He or she didn’t gain anything, no data was stolen, they just used a (then) recently discovered hole in one of the systems I use to delete lots of files and write their own instead. I learned a lot that morning and now try to keep my servers bang up to date… but when I got to the end of restoring everything I felt I had to put my frustration into rhyme. This is the result.

My sites got attacked by a hacker
It caused me a whole load of grief
By a low-life, a script-kiddie cracker
I felt I’d been mugged by a thief

The damage he did was so futile
He overwrote sites with his name
An action incredibly peurile
That caused all my clients much pain

A Saturday morning repairing
Was not in my plans for the day
Not tearing my hair and despairing
But out to the beach for to play

And now all my sites are back running
I get to write rhymes for a while
They said “Code is poetry” that may be true
But that hacker, he ain’t got no style!