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MOLP 5 Results

At long last, after a tumultuous start to the year, our illustrious judges have reached their verdict on the winners for MOLP 5.

Firstly, you are ALL winners, because every one of you has been a part of the MOLP story over the past five years, many of you have entered, and some have entered many more than once. Each and every entry helped us along the way to founding the charity The Word Forest Organisation and to building classrooms and planting thousands of trees in Kenya.

For all of this love and support, I simply cannot thank you enough.

Again it was very difficult for our judges to choose who would win and who would be a runner up, but they all read every story and every poem in the shortlist and ranked them in order. We then allocated 5 points for each first place, 4 for each second, 3 for third and 1 for each of the highly commended places. When added together, that gave us our final list.

So now, the bit you have all been waiting so patiently to find out, who has won in MOLP 5?

1st prizeHell Is An Immigration Office by Sabrina Haenze (PL)
2nd prizeSalt by Hazel Atkinson (GB)
3rd prizeBelow The Surface by Stephanie Hutton (GB)
Highly Commended Now You See Me by Christopher Cassaday (US)
Highly Commended The Night Before by Amy Ferguson (GB)
Runner upA Moment Of Truth by Neil Harrison (US)
Runner upMoral Purposes by Samantha O’Brien (US)
Runner upNo Looking Back by Sandy Kundra Verma (GB)
Runner upReincarnation Of A Bear by Dot Schwarz (GB)
Runner upThe Celestial Dragon by Clare Reddaway (GB)
1st prizeThe Gathering by Val Ormrod (GB)
2nd prizeI See You by Grace Brownlie (GB)
3rd prizeMy Coworker Calls Out Sick by Jonathan Greenhause   (US)
Highly Commended No Daffodils On Mars by Lois Hambleton (GB)
Highly Commended The Memory Tree by Judy Dinnen (GB)
Runner upAt A Crossroads by Samantha Martin (GB)
Runner upDementia by Alex Clark (GB)
Runner upMurmaid by Taylor Womack (US)
Runner upMy Gift For You by Patricia J Hamilton (GB)
Runner upThe Colour Of Starlight by Susan Rogerson (GB)

Our heartfelt congratulations go to all the winners and runners up.

The MOLP 5 Anthology is in production now and we will be shipping a copy to everyone who made the shortlist just as soon as it is available.

We have had a remarkable five years running MOLP, and we could not have done that without the help of our judges and supporters, but it is now time to close the doors and concentrate on making our little charity as good as we possibly can.

Magic Oxygen is also closing it’s doors; we still have a few loose ends to tie up, but we will not be publishing any more books. Whilst we do have a little sadness in doing this, we have enjoyed all the twists and turns of the world of publishing.

The Team

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