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Blind CupidCover of Blind Cupid by Max Brandt

As a twisted mind unravels, hope redeems, love kills

Max Brandt

Nick Sloane has a moral compass that no one understands but him. The last thing he needs is a touchstone that hurls it into confusion.

Simon Nicholson’s job at Freeways children’s home is tough, fighting on the front line of child abuse cases and coping with the fallout from neglect. The last thing he needs is one of his youngsters disappearing.

DCI Montgomery Flute has dark memories that are interfering with his work. It’s almost a year to the day that his life-partner, Tom, committed suicide and the last thing he needs is a complex murder enquiry throwing fuel onto a fire that’s already burning him up.

The discovery of a tortured body in an isolated spot turns out to be an ex-resident of Freeways. The dark secrets from all their pasts are being skilfully woven together by a calculating killer. It’s the very last thing anyone needs; especially the children.

This chilling thriller is an uncompromisingly gritty read that lays out redemption and revenge in the final pages.

About the Author

Max Brandt started writing more years ago than he cares to remember. He still has the first book he ever wrote: ‘Pirates’, about Blackbeard, 8 pages with pictures, aged 7. He fronted a rock band for 25 years and occasionally writes lyrics but now spends much of his free time writing, performing and directing with the Inn Theatre Company. He has a penchant for the Bard and spent the last 13 summers heavily involved in Dorset Shakespeare Week. He lives in Devon with his wife, Janey, has 3 daughters, no pets, a plant called Columbina and thinks shepherd’s pie is the food of the gods.

ISBN: 978-1-910094-18-1
Publication: February 2015
Price: £9.99 / $14.99
Extent: 234 pages
Binding: Paperback
Format: 210mm x 148.5mm
Language: English
Rights: World
BIC Code: FH / FF
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01297 442584
[email protected]

Key Selling Points


Lovers of gritty crime fiction will find themselves engrossed in this modern tale which knocks the scab off the failures of a fictional children’s care home. Using strong language, this compelling page turner tackles the dark topic of child abuse, but isn’t gratuitous. The reader will find solace in the conclusion but the characters will haunt them long after the final chapter. NB: peppered with violence but contains no explicit sex scenes.

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