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Cover of The Dreamer by Sue HamptonThe Dreamer

A lyrical children’s fantasy of courage & dreams

Sue Hampton

Set long ago and far away, this green allegory is both adventure and fairy tale. Moro, a rich, heartless landowner holds the village at the foot of the mountain in his power, but it isn’t enough. Lark, the mute peasant girl, has known no love since her mother died and can never please her father however hard she works. She finds solace in carving animals from clay and wood, her art frequently destroyed by her bullying brother.

Her friend Fedor, the lame goatherd, never understood why his father left and still hopes he will return. When he sings, it’s his father’s voice he hears. The pair befriend The Dreamer, an old blind man who lives alone on the mountain. He introduces them to the magical world in his crystal story bowl and the myth of the Flower Bird.

Their world falls apart when Moro obtains the bowl and – coveting the crystal which lies behind the waterfall – wreaks havoc on the mountain. As greed begins to destroy the life of the village and the weak are first to die, can two children and a blind man find the courage and resources within themselves to stand up and lead the way to a better future?

About the Author

Individuality, equality, difference and courage are themes Sue has explored in her novels and she believes passionately in the power of stories. Sue has been a full-time author since 2008, writing for readers of all ages and across different genres. She loves working with young people and has performed at over 340 schools countrywide. Having lost all her hair in 1981 and supported others with hair loss through The Waterhouse Girl, Sue was thrilled to become an Ambassador for Alopecia UK in 2013. Traces made the top three in the People’s Book Prize 2012 and Frank won bronze in the Wishing Shelf Award 2013.

ISBN: 978-1-910094-20-4
Publication: February 2015
Price: £5.99 / $9.99
Extent: 114 pages
Binding: Paperback / eBook
Format: 210mm x 148.5mm
Language: English
Rights: World
BIC Code: YFH / FM
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01297 442584
[email protected]

Key Selling Points


Sue’s primary audience is children and young adults and she has established a great following via her website and with personal visits to schools. She is also carving a niche for herself with adult readers and in the year ahead, will leave a remarkable footprint with her next novel, Flashback and Purple.

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