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9780957562141_midresFlashback and Purple

Love, change and connections, in and out of time

Sue Hampton

Annie Capaldi has spent half her life running a hospital school. Now in her fifties, she can’t forget Arthur, the ex-husband she still loves. Their ambitious daughter Leigh has style, a boss who wants sex, and no thought of any relationship with her cleaner Crystel – who meets Ethan A Garrett, poet and eco-dreamer obsessed with the past, on the tube.

In this novel about time, all five characters are linked by love, circumstances or a lopsided rainbow clock with no home.

About the Author

Sue is an ex-teacher who has been a full-time writer since 2008. She is the author of more than 20 varied novels for children and teenagers, set in the past, present and future and across genres like humour, mystery and fantasy as well as real-world human drama. Her hero Michael Morpurgo has praised three of her titles: “Beautifully written” THE WATERHOUSE GIRL, “terrific” JUST FOR ONE DAY and “enthralling” SPIRIT AND FIRE. She already has one adult novel called ARIA, existing in e-book and audiobook form. Inspired by the work of George Eliot, Virginia Woolf and Carol Shields, she also admires Siobhan Dowd and Susan Fletcher, and writes from character and with passion. She enjoys visiting schools – more than 500 so far – to inspire children of all ages to read and write. Sue lost all her hair to alopecia in 1981 but decided in 09 to walk bareheaded in the world with an important message to share about respect and identity. As an Ambassador for Alopecia UK, she embraces difference and individuality in life and in her work. An eco-activist, she sees herself as a keyboard warrior in more ways than one.
Sue lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, author and poet Leslie Tate. Together, as #authorsinlove, they present to writers’ groups and library groups, and run Berkhamsted Live, a mixed-arts show. Sue has appeared at various book festivals (Lincoln, Alton, Flamstead and Lyme Regis, plus the Seed Festival) and like Leslie will be at Banbury Literary Live 2015.

ISBN: 978-0-9575621-3-4
Publication: October 2015
Price: £9.99 / $15.99
Extent: 260 pages
Binding: Paperback
Format: 210mm x 148.5mm
Language: English
Rights: World
BIC Code: FS / FR
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[email protected]

Key Selling Points


This is for anyone who thinks green, cares about people and planet and likes stories that go deep. If you are interested in psychology and relationships, this will absorb you.

This is a modern novel with a lively inner consciousness and vivid style by an author who admires the writing of Carol Shields, Anne Tyler or Susan Fletcher.

Promotional Information

Sue will be touring promoting her books at the following events: