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The Resilience Handbook

How to survive in the 21st century

Elizabeth J Walker

The Resilience Handbook is the guide to managing the interacting complexities of the modern world to create a future with less energy use and a better quality of life.

Our lifestyle in Britain is dependent on non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuels and nuclear power. Without substantial food imports, we cannot support 70 million people on this island.

Seventy years ago, just after the self-sufficiency campaigns of the Second World War, we could have fed our entire population. Craftspeople ran small businesses in every high street. We could have built on this resilience to become a self-sufficient nation, but chose instead to pursue consumerism. Now, the high street is occupied by chain stores who remove money from your local area as soon as it passes over their counters.

The population has nearly doubled and resources are depleting across the globe according to demand.

However impossible a solution appears to be, we must remember that this happened slowly, one shopping trip at a time. We must reclaim our power and make new choices. While there’s still access to fossil fuel energy, we can use it to rebuild a resilient culture; there’s no time to lose.

About the Author

Elizabeth J Walker is a teacher and writer with an Honours degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University. She has many years of experience living ‘off the grid’

With this lifestyle, it was rare to have access to mains services. Water had to be carried from a standing tap, sometimes over a mile away. She used solar panels in the days when you had to solder your own diodes, and cooked with bottled gas.

Elizabeth has lived with gipsy tribes, fairground showmen and has taught children from travelling cultures; specialising in landscape myths and astrology, she created learning materials and stories on her old Brother typewriter.

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Publication: July 2015
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