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The Emprie Of Evil Front CoverThe Empire Of Evil

A cosmic tale of magic, love & multiple dimensions

Gordon Strong

Magic is a paradox that can never be fully resolved and within other worlds lie mysteries beyond the imagination. Psychic investigator Standley-Strange, arch magus and man-of-the-world, explores these extraordinary realms.

Cyndi has magical abilities she’s unaware of. On the run from evil, she lands intuitively on Standley-Strange’s doorstep. He rescues her from her demons and in turn she saves him from becoming an eternal recluse.

They swiftly become allies when Standley-Strange is asked to assist with problems occurring in different dimensions, which are inextricably linked to their own. A lady is missing, last seen in the eleventh dimension. Meanwhile, Debroneth, a medieval province in the fourth dimension, is under threat from the Emperor Tortius and his vicious Chief Inquisitor, Bredon Shaft. Tyranny and a ruthless desire for power are the hallmarks of the evil Empire and the magus vows to protect the people of Debroneth, but with treachery and magic forces at play, it is unclear who can be trusted.

As the Empire closes in, the plot builds to a climax in a battle upon which the survival of all eleven dimensions depends.

About the Author

Gordon has been writing for most of his life and has published numerous books. Primarily known for non-fiction studies of myth, legend, magic and sacred monuments, he has made many appearances on TV and radio in the UK and America. Recently deciding to concentrate solely on novels, Gordon remarks, ‘I observe, reflect and experiment. From all this, an awareness of how to create some kind of reality emerges.’ Humour is never far away in his writing and he draws comics with the same satirical spirit. This book is significant, as it’ll be his last in this genre.

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ISBN: 978-1-910094-36-5
Publication: February 2015
Price: £7.99 / $12.49
Extent: 198 pages
Binding: Paperback
Format: 210mm x 148.5mm
Language: English
Rights: World
BIC Code: FM / YFH
PR & Enquiries:
Magic Oxygen
01297 442584
[email protected]

Key Selling Points


Gordon has established a world-wide readership and this title is eagerly awaited by them. He is also carving a niche for himself with crime readers and later this year will leave a remarkable footprint with his next novel, The Hound of Nashville.

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