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New Book From First-time Author, Wendy Breckon

Launched just a month ago, Under the Hen’s Bottom is a delightful collection of tales from the talented pen of Wendy Breckon.

They are packed with nostalgic, quirky short stories that will transport you to a place that you can smell, see and breathe!

These imaginative missives unravel engaging happenings from Wendy’s childhood and they’re guaranteed to leave you with smiles and have you in stitches at some points too.

Wendy is embarking on a round of talks and is certainly worth dropping a line to if you have an enquiry along these lines. Her upbeat and cheerful disposition leaves audiences completely fulfilled that they’ve had the whole author experience!

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Grannifer’s Legacy by Trish Vickers: now released for print!

Image of bird by the water from author Trish Vickers website

Cover of Grannifer's Legacy, by Dorset author, Trish VickersWe are absolutely delighted to announce that Grannifer’s Legacy by Trish Vickers is now available in paperback and eBook.

As this has been such a special book for us to be involved with, we’ve decided that if you buy the paperback, you can have a download link to the eBook free of charge, so you can enjoy reading it on your electronic devices too.

A donation from the sale of each book will be made to the South West Dorset Talking Newspaper.

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MOLP 2017 Shortlist Announcement

It is an absolute pleasure to announce the shortlist for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2017.

If your name is not on the list, we hope you’ll not be too disheartened; the competition was fierce again this year and the entrants put our judges through their paces.

The shortlist for stories is:

  • Ali Bacon
  • Jacqueline Bain
  • Anoushka Beazley
  • Mark Brandi
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Sarah Horton
  • Colleen MacMahon
  • Louise McDowell
  • Jennifer Saxton

The shortlist for poems is:

  • Vinita Agrawal
  • Dee Barron
  • Jan Felmingham
  • Harry Gallagher
  • Rachel Plummer
  • Lisa Reily
  • Susan Rogerson
  • Carmel Summers
  • Anthony Watts

You may wonder why there are only nine names on each list… remarkably, in each category, one person has two entries in the shortlist!

The entrants to MOLP are collectively responsible for tonnes and tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants being drawn down from the atmosphere and locked into acres of trees. Furthermore, they’ve built classrooms too!

We will be sending out the certificates for the trees with GPS co-ordinates very soon, once we’ve received confirmation they have been planted.

As in previous years, we will be making a worthy song and dance of things when we reveal the winners and we’re building the announcements around an evening of spoken word entertainment.

Please accept this as your cordial invitation to join us with your friends and family on Saturday 11th March in lovely Lyme Regis for the event – click here for details and to get your FREE tickets!

If you are unable to join us, the event will be live-streamed around the world too. We’ll post details of that nearer the time.

Our typesetting team are working on the new anthology where the entire shortlist will be featured along with the winning entries from the Mini-MOLP competitions which took place last year. Please place your pre-orders here.

All that remains is for us to thank everyone that entered and helped to spread the message on behalf of the people we’re helping in Bore in Keyna. Participation in our contest has resulted in life changing differences for their whole community that will affect generations yet to come.

The joyous call of, “Asante sana” is ringing out for them; it’s thank you in Swahili!

…and finally, please put 1st October 2017 in your diaries – it’s the day we will be opening the doors for entries to MOLP4.

With kind regards and great hopes to meet you soon,

The Team

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PRESS RELEASE: The Writing Contest that Planted a Forest


Boy from Kundeni Primary School by the Word ForestA little publishing house based in Lyme Regis, Dorset has just launched a global writing contest with very big heart. The third Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, or MOLP3 as it’s fondly known, opened for entries on 1st September. It remains the only competition in the world to plant a tree for every single entry.

This reforestation initiative is the idea of Tracey West, an author on sustainability and co-founder of Magic Oxygen Publishing. Their writing contests have left an impressive green footprint on the competition circuit, paid out over £6,000 in prize money and elicited thousands of entries from 60 countries. They are also responsible for a Word Forest in Bore, Kenya, now eleven times the size of Wembley Stadium.

Their forestry expertise comes from tree planting guru, Ru Hartwell, who has planted hundreds of thousands of trees all over the world. He has first-hand knowledge of Bore and knows how greatly it has suffered from deforestation. Ru is currently in Bore helping the villagers build a Forest Centre which will provide accommodation and education for people who want to help, and perhaps emulate, the reforestation project.

The Forest Centre, Bore, Kenya under constructionRu explains: ‘All humans share the same atmosphere. Every time we burn fossil fuels, we increase the amount of carbon up there for everybody. Luckily, the reverse is also true, so every time we plant a tree, a little bit of that carbon is removed. The planet’s tropical and equatorial forests are pivotal in keeping the earth cool, therefore Bore is the perfect location to help slow down climate change.’

‘The Word Forest is also reintroducing biodiversity and providing this remote African community with medicines, food, water purifiers, protection from the elements and a long-term income stream. MOLP is the only contest where everybody wins!’

Simon West is the other half of Magic Oxygen and an IT specialist. He wrote bespoke software that allowed the 19 judges of MOLP2 who reside in 6 countries on 4 continents, to assess the entries remotely, which kept the carbon footprint down to an absolute minimum. He also issues electronic certificates to the contest entrants with clickable GPS coordinates of their trees.

Simon adds: ‘Alex Katana is the resident Project Manager in Bore and once the trees have been planted, he walks through the forest and registers their exact location on a GPS logger. In time – and as Google Maps update their images – entrants will be able to watch the fruits of their labours grow.’

children in their new classroom 2016In addition to trees, previous MOLP contests also funded the construction of an urgently needed new classroom at Kundeni Primary School in the same community.

The finished building was handed over to the headmaster James Kithi in June. Their 300 students only had one safe classroom to study in and the addition of the new class has had a positive impact on their education.

Tracey comments: ‘The £5.00 entry fee for MOLP3 will buy a tree and some building materials for a further classroom. They desperately need it for study, but also, many of the students sleep at the school as it’s too far to walk home. The teachers work incredibly hard to juggle the lessons so as many as possible can study inside with protection from the harsh elements. Seeing photos of the one we’ve just finished full of children, is the only inspiration I need to make a noise about MOLP3!’

‘I don’t want our initiative to be unique, I want it to be pioneering! Other literary contest organisers could plant trees for each entry, uncovering brilliant creative writing and leaving an environmental legacy too.’

Visit for more details, to purchase the anthology from MOLP1 or 2 (for which they’ll plant another tree) and to enter MOLP3 and be part of the magic.



Kundeni ClassroomHigh res images and further quotes available on request.

Simon West: Editor: Magic Oxygen Publishing
Telephone: 07896 884 114
Email:   [email protected]

Ru Hartwell: Magic Oxygen Word Forest Coordinator
Telephone: 07773 001 132
Email:   [email protected]

Competition In Brief:

Magic Oxygen Word Forest nursery, Bore, KenyaMOLP3 is sponsored by eco resort, Bunaken Oasis

Short Stories: up to 4,000 words
Poetry: up to 50 lines
Entry fee £5 per submission
Age 16+ at the time of submission
Open for worldwide electronic and postal submissions, aged 16+
Open for Entries: 1st September 2016
Closing Date: 31st December 2016

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#MOLP3 is Now Open for Entries!

Watch our short animation below and get into the groove then click here to enter!

Now in its third year, #MOLP3 has an incredible prize fund of £3,000, which will be awarded in each category as follows:

  • First Prize – £1,000
  • Second Prize – £300
  • Third Prize – £100
  • Two Highly Commended – £50

We also plant a tree for every single entry we receive in Bore, Kenya and we’ll email you the GPS coordinates of it once the contest has closed and we’ve received confirmation of them from our Word Forest Coordinator, Ru Hartwell.

Additionally, your entry will also help fund the construction of another much needed new classroom at Kundeni Primary School in the same community – click here to see the one our previous contests built.

It is worthy of note that none of this would be possible without the kind support and sponsorship we’ve had from the guys at Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort.

 The Rules in Brief

  • Open for entries 1st September 2016, through to midnight on 31st December 2016
  • Short Stories up to 4,000 words, excluding title
  • Poetry up to 50 lines, excluding title and lines between stanzas
  • The theme for short stories and poetry is open
  • Online entries preferred but written entries are also accepted (Click here for the address and postal details)
  • Open to writers all over the world
  • Entrants must be 16 or over at the time of submission
  • Entries must be written in English and must be your own previously unpublished work
  • Entries must show no name, address or identifying marks other than the title
  • You may submit as many entries as you wish
  • £5 per entry
  • Closing date midnight 31st December 2016

Click here to read the rules, Ts and Cs in full.

Your submission will also act as your acceptance of the rules.

Good luck!

The Team

PS: Find out what piqued the interest of our judges in previous years by downloading the eBook anthologies from MOLP, MOLP2, MOLP3 or MOLP4 for just £3.00 each! Not only will you be able to enjoy the top ten stories stories and poems from each year, but we’ll plant a tree for you in our Word Forest as well!

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Featured Author: Sue Hampton

Sue Hampton

Sue HamptonSue Hampton, happy these days to be known as the Bald Green Author, was born in Essex and now lives in Herts with her husband, Leslie Tate.

Inspired by her father Paul, who was a poet, she wrote as a child and has never stopped – even through 19 years of teaching as a working mum. Her first book for children, the historical adventure Spirit and Fire, was published in 07 and described by Michael Morpurgo as “enthralling… powerfully written”. It was the first of 25 and counting. Most titles are for children or teens, like the fantasy adventure The Dreamer, but Sue also has three books for adults, including Flashback & Purple and e-book The Biggest Splash, both from Magic Oxygen. Click “Add to basket” below to buy Sue’s latest title.

Sue is a prolific writer, in high demand in schools as a visiting author for any age, and an Ambassador for Alopecia UK. You may have seen her lead a team of bareheaded ladies to a £29,000 victory for the charity on BBC Eggheads! Click here for some highlights from that programme.

She writes because she’s fascinated by people and loves to make an emotional connection with readers through her vivid characters. Sue also talks about being the living proof of the power of stories, because exploring her alopecia in writing changed her life.

In her blogs she explores reasons to write, and bigger ideas about activism, diversity and individuality. When addressing reading or writers’ groups on the #PurpleTour with Leslie, (#authorsinlove) she shares ways of creating character and explores voice issues – having written from four different perspectives in both her adult novels with Magic Oxygen. Sue is working on various projects for young and older readers, so watch this space.

Visit to keep up with her literary adventures.

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Featured Author: Leslie Tate

Leslie Tate

interview_LTWe are delighted to kick off our Featured Author section by introducing you to the incredibly creative, enigmatic Leslie Tate.

He writes ‘Lit Fic’ about the ups and downs of modern relationships and freely admits his writing is ‘adapted from life’ but says that the characters soon take charge, sending his stories off in unexpected directions.

Leslie began writing his début novel, Purple, 10 years ago. In its first printed version, the book told the story of Matthew Lavender at university in 1969, hiding his lack of sexual knowledge behind a super-cool front. What followed inevitably was a coming-of-age tale where Matthew had to learn about women.

Purple changed and broadened out as a result of two life events. “The first was moving to Berkhamsted,” Leslie explains, “to live with my wife, Sue Hampton. I learned how to write novels from the inside by reading and editing hers.” The second was completing a Writing Masterclass with the University of East Anglia. “I beefed up the novel on that course,” he said, “weeding out 12,000 words but keeping the main idea, and adding a first-person narrative told by Matthew’s gran, Mary.”

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The Mini-MOLPs

Mini-MOLP launch date posterThe Mini-MOLPs are a series of five diverse writing competitions with thought provoking themes inspired by international environmental awareness campaigns.

They were created by the founders of the very eco-friendly Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and just as with MOLP, a tree will be planted for every single entry.

Each writing competition will run for one month, beginning on the 1st April and then consecutively through to the 31st August. Entry is just £3.50 and competitors are encouraged to find creative energy from either of the suggested campaigns in each contest.

The winning authors and poets will have their work showcased in the next MOLP anthology (due spring 2017).

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Anti-Fracking Update From the Downing Street Hunger Striker: Day 14

gayzer_petitionDear Anti-Fracking Friends Everywhere,

Gayzer Frackman is now on his 14th day of hunger strike in the Protest Pen opposite No 10 Downing Street.

He is still trying to get David Cameron to come and speak to him about fracking, to no avail.

Despite the fact we haven’t had any weighty awareness raised via the media, we have somehow managed to inspire 521 people to sign this and it has caught the eye of a few high profile voices too. On behalf of Gayzer, we send heartfelt thanks to you all – now it’s time to ramp things up a bit…

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Anti-fracking Hunger Striker: needs your signature & support

Gayzer Frackman Anti-Fracking Petition on 38%We urgently need your help.

Click here to go straight to our 38° petition to get David Cameron to go and talk to Gayzer Frackman. He’s a passionate advocate for anti-fracking, currently on his 12th day of hunger strike outside Downing Street and he simply wants to talk to David Cameron.

On Monday 23rd November, Gayzer Frackman, sited himself in the official Protest Pen opposite No 10 Downing Street and started a hunger strike – today (Friday 4th December) is his 12th day without food.

His request is very simple; he wants to speak to David Cameron to present him with scientific evidence and to show him the social opposition to fracking, particularly from Lancashire where he lives, but he also acts as a passionate green voice for many people in the UK who feel the same way.

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