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tbs_ad162The Bookshelf is a lively magazine style radio show presented by Tracey and Simon West, the faces behind Magic Oxygen Publishing.

It has a 50/50 blend of vibrant literary chit chat and great soundtracks and is packed with hot gossip about best sellers and new releases. Regular features include:

Weird Word of the Week – having a laugh with a few strange ones,
Book Technology – geek-talk with a literary element,
Big Book News – what’s buzzing in the media this week,
Notable Dates – special national events and significant occurrences,
Lit Fest Calendar – highlights from forthcoming festivals in the UK,
Poem Corner – a poetry reading designed to help you slow down and be,
Top Ten List – details of bestsellers & new releases from assorted compilers,
Book Review – deep thought and critique, warts and all,
Author Interviews – just what it says on the tin!

If you love books, you’re going to love the content of The Bookshelf.

Listen Live every Monday 11am, or use the Listen Again feature to catch the programme at your leisure once the show has aired.


The Team