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Normal Service Will be Resumed…very soon!

The Pause ButtonRenovation of our wonderful new offices at The Flat, 53 Broad Street in Lyme Regis has gone extremely well.

It has taken us a momentous six weeks of scrubbing, sweeping, prepping, rubbing down, painting and papering and we are just about to send out a stack of virtual, ‘We are moving’ notes.

With the help of a few dear friends, we have munched our way through over 10 metres of sandpaper, 4 litres of caulk, 90 litres of various flavours of paint, yards and yards of ceiling and wallpaper and we’ve barely set foot in the garden but have started to clear through the brambles and unloved footpaths.

On the backs of random pieces of scrap wallpaper you’ll find various designs for vertical fruit and vegetable planters made from pallets and raised beds made from scaffolding planks; it really will be a recycling dream garden.

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Our New Titles: The Resilience Handbook

Elizabeth Walker author of The Resilience HandbookIf you are turned on by simple green living, one of our forthcoming titles, The Resilience Handbook, by Elizabeth Walker is going to set your head in a slow, green spin.

Imagine melding  the best concepts from the Transition Handbook and Polly Ghazi’s Downshifting with John Seymour’s guides to self-sufficiency, then adding a splash of necessary survival and you’ll find yourself in the right ball park for this incredibly practical and well penned handbook, set for publication in April 2015.

This inspirational, problem solving and sobering manuscript is currently tucked away with our eco-editor at the moment and we cannot give too much away at this stage, except to say we are incredibly proud to be publishing this crucial and timely solution to many of our modern day problems.

Hop onto Elizabeth’s website to find out more about The Resilience Handbook and don’t you worry, we’ll be keeping you up to date right here. Subscribe to our blog to be one of the first to find out.

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