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Grannifer’s Legacy by Trish Vickers: now released for print!

Image of bird by the water from author Trish Vickers website

Cover of Grannifer's Legacy, by Dorset author, Trish VickersWe are absolutely delighted to announce that Grannifer’s Legacy by Trish Vickers is now available in paperback and eBook.

As this has been such a special book for us to be involved with, we’ve decided that if you buy the paperback, you can have a download link to the eBook free of charge, so you can enjoy reading it on your electronic devices too.

A donation from the sale of each book will be made to the South West Dorset Talking Newspaper.

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Our New Titles: Blind Cupid, by Max Brandt

Cover of Blind Cupid by Max BrandtMax Brandt lives in Devon with his wife Janie and started writing more years ago than he cares to remember.

For 25 years he fronted a rock band and pens lyrics occasionally, but  more recently,  has contented himself writing several one-act plays and a full length drama called Dominion which will send shivers up your spine and naturally, we’ll be publishing it soon.

His début title, Blind Cupid was written over ten years and was inspired by his time spent working in the care system with damaged and abused young people.

Blind Cupid is no gentle read. When we were first approached with the manuscript Simon and I discussed child murder and abuse at great length. Did we want to dive into this murky underworld? We don’t want to visually wound our readers and this is heavy material.

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Our New Titles: Dreaming the Moon, by Izzy Robertson

Front cover of Dreaming the Moon by Izzy Robertson
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Izzy Robertson has been an integral part of Magic Oxygen for some time now.

Not only a great friend, she is also a wonderfully engaging fantasy fiction writer and a terrific editor too.

She edited Connor Cadellin McKee’s Children of the Crater, Sue Hampton’s The Dreamer (out Feb 2015) and she is presently knee deep in Max Brandt’s Blind Cupid and Gordon Strong‘s The Empire of Evil; we’ll be reporting more on the last two very soon…

Izzy has been a writer of esoteric material for many years, but only realised her dream to produce actual books after encouraging chats with us.

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Top Advice For Entering Writing Competitions

TortoiseBelieve me, I know how it feels to be a writing competition addict.

You wake up with a burning urge to flip the computer on and sniff through your email to see if news of any fresh ones have surfaced.

Your mental traffic lights flash from amber to green with ideas and you find yourself people watching as you stand in the queue for the bus, scrutinising fellow passengers for their quirky mannerisms.

But what happens if your excitement gets the better of you and you upload or post your entry and fee, only to find out after the event that you forgot a crucial, silly, tiny, eenie, weenie detail that could have invalidated all of your hard work?

Arrrggghh, comes to mind!

So, what’s the magical advice?

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@MagicOxygen Are Giving Away a Kindle Fire Tablet!

Kindle Fire TabletThe Team are busy processing the entries for our Literary Prize which closes at the end of November.

As if there wasn’t enough excitement buzzing around the office, we thought we’d also run a prize draw to win a fabulous 6″ Kindle Fire Tablet too!

As well as being able to read your favourite books on the device, it’s also WIFI enabled with a super fast processor, it has a beautiful 6″ HD display, front and rear cameras and 8GB of storage.

The draw is free to enter, it’s open to anyone* who has a valid Facebook and Twitter account, living anywhere in the world.

All we need you to do is take a look at and Like our funky 36 second trailer for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, Like our Facebook page, Follow Us on Twitter, then send us your details via the entry form below and you’re in!

When the winner is picked, we will need to validate that all of the above requirements have been met. Please read the instructions carefully and ensure you have ticked all the boxes, or your entry will be invalid.

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The Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: thoughts & innovations

A large blow up book
© Frankfurt Book Fair / Peter Hirth

Having been to the London Book Fair this year, I can tell you my feet were quite unforgiving for several days.

LBF2014 was a tremendously impressive show for many reasons, not least for the fact that it restored my faith in the paperback book buying market. Virginia Woolstencroft of Harper Collins described it as, ‘Impressive as ever, a brilliant hub of literary activity and a great week for all publishers’ and a smattering of instantly recognisable famous faces brought further glittery sparkle to a work event that was anything but work.

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The London Book Fair 2014

Cover of The London Book Fair 2014 DirectoryWhat a terrific three days we’ve had spreading the word about our talented authors at the London Book Fair in Earls Court.

Paperback copies of Dear Mother, Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic, The Breathing Wheel and more were shown to interested parties with great pride and we also discussed our forthcoming titles Children of the Crater and Off Her Facebook! the graphic novel amongst many others.

Rather coincidentally, the 1st day of the fair also shared the 1st anniversary of our inaugural paperback publication, Poetry of Divorce: for women by Tracey West.

Without wanting to sound too nostalgic – after all, it has only been 370 days – our compact and bijou team feel we’ve come a long way during that time. With almost 20 titles either out in paperback or e-book and the rest in production, it’s certainly not shabby progress in what is a very challenging, volatile and occasionally fickle market.

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Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic: Kindle Version Out Now

Lilly Laine, author of Action Plan For Living With An AlcoholicLilly Laine is having an absolutely fabulous week and undoubtedly celebrating her success as a newly published author with tea and biscuits!

Action Plan For Living With An Alcoholic launched with us on Monday 10th March as a paperback and is doing well.

We are now delighted to let the world know that they can also buy the book in a Kindle version too via Amazon.

The book is a survival guide for partners of alcohol dependants and the author, Lilly is a wonderful lady who knows about what happens, all too well.

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New Fantasy Fiction E-book Shortie From Izzy Robertson!

Cover of Catching Up With the Past, by Izzy Robertson‘When Joe Met Alice’ was Izzy Robertson’s début e-book and it was fittingly published just before All Hallows’ Eve in October 2013.

It was Izzy’s first proper dip into the global literary market, despite the fact that she has been a passionate writer in the fantasy fiction field for more years than she cares to admit to.

We were all delighted with the book’s popularity and even more so when she whispered that she had several other chilling short tales up her long, purple velvet sleeve.

‘Catching Up With the Past’, is the second of Izzy’s short reads and is available on Kindle from today.

Actually, I’m sure she won’t mind us letting you into a little secret, but it launched at exactly 08:00 on the 1st March, the precise moment of the New Moon; a significantly positive time for new beginnings.

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Update on 'Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic' by Lilly Laine

Cover for Action Plan for Living With an AlcoholicWe are delighted to let you have a sneak peak of the finished cover for our latest title, ‘Action Plan for Living With an Alcoholic’ by Lilly Laine, due for publication on 10th March, just before St Patrick’s Day.

The subtitle leaves the reader in no doubt about the content. It’s, ‘A Survival Guide for Partners and Spouses’ and has been penned with refreshing clarity by a lady who knows all about how it feels to live with a serious alcohol dependent, in Lilly’s case it was her husband.

After years of trying all the usual tactics to get him to stop drinking, Lilly realised she was physically and mentally at her rock bottom, just like her husband.

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