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Hack Attack!


A poem written after my sites got hacked.

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The Naturists are Coming!

Thoughts that could have occurred to a resident of Thorney, where Nudefest 2016 was held. Thankfully, all the locals were friendly…

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Johnnie to her Fanny

The poem “I’m Johnnie to her Fanny” by Simon West 2016

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A poem written after watching a video showing the aftermath of bombing in Syria

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57616974 (Otherwise known as 01010111011000010110100101110100) A poem for anyone with a computer!

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Into my stride

If writing a book is a marathon, I have realised that I just might have enough stamina to reach the end of my own personal 26¼ miles.

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Second Time Arounders

A poem by Simon West

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Out of the chair

Writer’s procrastination is a hard thing to break. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Anvarin just took a few more steps.

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Camp NanoWriMo Day 3

“Day Three, and Simon is in the Diary Room”

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Camp NanoWriMo Day 2

Another day, another 1000 words. My target for Camp NanoWriMo is 60,000 in the sure and certain knowledge that I will need to edit down from that