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Hack Attack!


A poem written after my sites got hacked.

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The Naturists are Coming!

Thoughts that could have occurred to a resident of Thorney, where Nudefest 2016 was held. Thankfully, all the locals were friendly…

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Johnnie to her Fanny

The poem “I’m Johnnie to her Fanny” by Simon West 2016

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A poem written after watching a video showing the aftermath of bombing in Syria

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57616974 (Otherwise known as 01010111011000010110100101110100) A poem for anyone with a computer!

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Second Time Arounders

A poem by Simon West

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This be the reply

I have long felt that Philip Larkin’s poem “This Be The Verse” was unjust, blaming his Mother and Father for his current state of unhappiness. As a parent myself, I have penned a little response. They fuck you up, your Mum and Dad, so Philip Larkin said,But can you go on blaming them if they […]

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To my love

You are the star who lights my way when in the deepest darkYou are the breeze on a summer’s day while strolling in a parkYou warm my frozen fingertips when winters cold winds biteYou soothe my brow and hush my lips when fearful in the night With you shared food’s more tasty, drinks better for […]

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She said she wanted honesty, that’s how they both must live She said she didn’t want to ask for more than he could give She said she hadn’t known such love, not ever in her life She said she loved him endlessly  and she would be his wife But as she said the words he […]

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What Matters

Just how big is your home loan? Does your car go real fast? How much stuff do you now own? Is your fortune vast? Does your sickness record shine? Do you always work? When the boss cries overtime do you never shirk?