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How to Make an Eco-Christmas Tree

Follow Magic Oxygen’s step by step instructions to making your own eco-Christmas tree.

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21 Quite Useful Things to Do With a Book; aside from read it…

Paperback purists, please proceed directly to the end of the article, whistle for a few minutes and forget you ever started reading this article.

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Our New Titles: The Resilience Handbook

If you’re turned on by simple green living our future title The Resilience Handbook by Elizabeth Walker will set your head in a slow green spin.

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Is Social Media Important for Authors? Ask Anthony

How do you get the reading public to talk about your latest book? Read our Top Tips from Anthony Ravenwood for a few ideas.

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Top Advice For Entering Writing Competitions

If writing competitions are your bag, be sure to read our white-hot tips for ensuring you’re in with a great chance of winning what’s on offer.

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Can You Pot Your Summer into a Short Story or Poem?

If it’s quirky & has entertaining read-back value, why not sling it in as an entry to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize! We’ll plant a tree for every entry

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Explore the Dark and Find the Light

Depression can evoke incredible pieces of writing. Tracey West explains it was a fundamental driver for her while writing Poetry & Diary of Divorce

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Our Poet in Residence: Tracey West

We thought we’d appoint a Poet in Residence to write a few catchy lines on our Twitter feed. Who better to anoint than our author of the successful

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Our Author Posts: a new one by Mark James

Magic Oxygen Publishing are very proud of our authors & like to keep you abreast of their postings, news & events. Here’s a new one from Mark James

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How to Present Your Manuscript in 10 Easy Steps

A solid & comprehensive framework that will help move your project on from digital dots to printed paper at a smooth steady and professional pace