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The Ideal Accompaniments

We are delighted to re-post a blog entry made on Tracey West’s website. She is our sustainable living and more recently, divorce author and …

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How to Deal With a Negative Critique

An interesting therianthropy occurs once you put your head above the parapet (and pen to paper) and share your views on your specialist subject

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Give in to the Midnight Oil

If there’s one thing we know about creative writing – being passionate lovers of the English word ourselves of course – it’s that the inspiration…

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Magic Oxygen Publishing Tips for New Authors #2

We love hearing from aspiring authors, bursting with creative energy on their quest to find out what they need to do to get on the shelf.

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Magic Oxygen Publishing's Top Tips for Self-Promotion

It’s all very well writing a book, but taking it to market is another thing entirely! If you chose our Krypton Package and we publish your book…

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Magic Oxygen Publishing Tips for New Authors #1

However exciting your book is, however compelled you are to write about it day and night, however much you feel it is going to benefit humanity…